TJ Cawley Mayor of Morrisville


What people are saying about TJ:
US Representative David Price*

Email September 11, 2017

TJ Cawley has been a dedicated member of the Morrisville Town Council since 2013.  He has also been effective in reaching out to me and my office and we have enjoyed working with him.  TJ brings great energy and perseverance to his advocacy on behalf of Morrisville and I look forward to working with him to improve Morrisville for all citizens.

NC Senator Jay Chaudhuri*

Email October 26, 2017

TJ Cawley is a tireless, progressive, and effective advocate for all Morrisville citizens. As a State Senator, I have met with TJ a number of times. He has proactively worked at the State level to make Morrisville a better community. TJ Cawley is a great leader for Morrisville.

Representative Joe John

Email August 18, 2017

I heartily endorse TJ Cawley’s candidacy for Mayor of Morrisville. TJ demonstrates the qualities valuable in a mayor: dedication to his community, responsibility for his citizens’ well-being, and energy for improving Morrisville. Over the past year TJ has come to Raleigh to advocate on behalf of the citizens of Morrisville on a number of issues coming before the legislature. Most recently TJ’s advocacy in his role on the North Carolina League of Municipalities Planning & Environment Legislative Action Committee contributed to the passage of HB 436 which will ensure adequate water infrastructure for our region for years to come. TJ’s optimism, fairmindedness, and determination reflect the values of Morrisville’s citizens. TJ is a hard working public servant of integrity who is committed to Morrisville reaching its full potential.

Representative Joe John, NC House 40

Wake County Democratic Party Chair Rebecca Llewellyn

Email October 25, 2017

The Wake County Democratic Party is proud to endorse TJ Cawley for Mayor of Morrisville. He exemplifies our party’s ideals and he has the vision and energy to lead Morrisville to a brighter future. We believe TJ is the right choice for Morrisville on November 7.

Rebecca Llewellyn, Chair, Wake County Democratic Party

Sierra Club Political Chair Rob Rowe

Email October 25, 2017

As a Morrisville Town Council member, TJ Cawley has a proven record of strong advocacy for environmental protection, including riparian buffer, open space and tree preservation, and implementation of the Jordan Lake Rules. TJ’s commitment to clean, renewable energy supports the Sierra Club’s mission to promote responsible use of the earth’s ecosystems and resources. We are proud to endorse TJ Cawley for Mayor of Morrisville.

Rob Rowe, Political Chair, Sierra Club Capital Group

Triangle Labor Council AFL-CIO President Michael Gravinese

Email October 25, 2017

The Triangle Labor Council is proud to endorse TJ Cawley for Mayor of Morrisville.  TJ believes in a fair deal for working people and shares our goal of achieving prosperity for all.  We are confident that he will bring the leadership necessary to grow Morrisville as a thriving Wake County community.

Michael Gravinese, President, Triangle Labor Council AFL-CIO

Wake County Commissioner Greg Ford

Tweet August 31, 2017

Proud to support @TJCawleyTweets for @Morrisville_NC mayor. TJ is one of the town’s greatest advocates & works for All of its citizens

Wake County Commissioner Erv Portman*

Email October 25, 2017

TJ cares about doing the right thing and the citizens of Morrisville are fortunate to have him representing them.

School Board Jim Martin

Email August 29, 2017

TJ Cawley is a strong advocate for the town of Morrisville.  His deep commitment to public service makes him an outstanding leader.  I look forward to continuing to work with him on school and other related community issues.

Jim Martin, WCPSS Board of Education

School Board Lindsay Mahaffey

Email October 25,, 2017

I want to share my endorsement for TJ Cawley for Mayor of Morrisville. TJ is dedicated to furthering education as a Town Councilman, community member and parent. From promoting wellness initiatives at area schools to involvement in the PTA and working with Youth Thrive focusing on bullying prevention, it is clear that a vote for TJ Cawley is a vote for someone who cares deeply about the youngest members of the Morrisville community.

Lindsay Mahaffey, Wake County Board of Education, District 8

School Board Christine Kushner

Email September 11, 2017

As a Morrisville Town Council member, TJ Cawley has been a strong supporter of the Wake County Public School System. He brings his perspective as a parent to advocate for all students in his community. I appreciate his leadership, and I know that as Mayor he will continue to be a partner with our school system.

Christine Kushner
Wake County Board of Education

Former School Board Susan Evans
Former Mayor Jackie Holcombe
Former Council Member Pete Martin

Cary Citizen

TJ has an excellent balance of diverse qualifications from which to draw. He has done an excellent job as a council member and I can assure you that he will bring that same  commitment to Morrisville as our Mayor for which we are lacking over the past four years.

Pete M Martin
Former Morrisville Council member

Former Council Member Stephen Diehl

Cary Citizen

TJ Cawley is the “people’s council member.” Ever mindful of citizens’ wants and community needs, he has been the lone voice of town leadership in preserving the small town values we cherish and future of controlled growth we seek. He has proven to be independent, attuned to the majority of Morrisville residents, and the strong voice of opposition to damaging council proposals. To silence his stand for common sense, the current mayor and his “yes men” on the council have maneuvered to remove Cawley’s seat on the town board for the next term. It is not only imperative that TJ continue his representation on the council, but he be assigned the major responsibility in guiding the current management of our town and its critical planning for the future. Morrisville needs TJ Cawley as Mayor!

Steve Diehl – Former Morrisville Town Council Member


* Denotes officials that are not endorsing candidates in the Mayoral race.

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